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Happy tears are the best tears

Joshua was referred to the Life Skills Program by his Case Manager for support with goal setting and budgeting. He had considerable debt along with budgeting issues. When Joshua and I initially met he was not focused on where to start. We did some initial counselling on priorities and goal setting. He was assigned personal reflection tasks to help him set little goals. Joshua came up with a list of 10 priorities he wanted to tackle. He self-recognized budgeting as the ultimate goal.

Joshua secured placement in a continuing education program. He was determined to pay down his bills.

Joshua has now eliminated one of his most important payments and is halfway to paying off a larger debt which brought him a great amount of stress. He has learned the importance of diversifying his funds to not only eliminate what he owes but, to do it on his own. Initially we met weekly, supporting him on accountability and payment. For the last few months we check in less often, and he has done this completely on his own. Joshua is presently working on our “moving out reediness” sessions which focus on priorities for youth moving into their own housing such as cooking, tenant and landlord rights, and anxieties. I must say I am proud of him.


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