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The Sahota, Blake, Onilla Group


Inspired by Pinball Clemons work for the last decade and the ‘I Promise Foundation’ started by LeBron James, long time friends Tej Sahota, Tristan Blake and Calvin Onilla have come together to start an ambitious project of opening up schools worldwide and empowering communities. 

“We felt that we could donate money, clothes or food, but eventually, and inevitably, the money would run out, the clothes worn out and the food cabinets run empty. However, the gift of education empowers individuals to lift themselves and their communities out of need, and break the cycle of poverty not only for themselves, but for future generations as well. Through education, individuals can become self-sufficient and be prepared to take the steps to uplift their entire family, and then their community. We strongly believe that the rising tide lifts all boats. For us; education is that rising tide.”


The group plans to build a new school on a 3-year cycle plan going forward through personal and fundraised monies, however you can help the project with even the smallest donation. Any money accumulated from this donation page would help speed up the cycle for each school project, allowing us to build more schools worldwide on a faster cycle.

Donations are 100% tax deductible and

100% utilized towards the cost of building.


Help give the lasting gift of education, please donate today,

and feel free to share with your family and friends! 

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