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Together, empowering youth through
education by bringing them from the
margins to the mainstream

Friends, family and community of The Insurance Market

Pinball Clemons thanks you for your support for  racialized and marginalized youth in our community.

"Being longtime Toronto Argonaut fans we’ve witnessed first hand the impact Pinball Clemons made on the field.  The foundation has had the same impact in the lives of many marginalized and racialized youth in our communities which is why The Insurance Market has chosen to partner with such a great organization.  Pinball, on behalf of all your friends & fans at The Insurance Market thanks for making such a difference!"

The Pinball Clemons Foundation provides youth who need a helping hand with educational resources and options to integrate into the mainstream of society.


Meet Melanie

"I made it a goal to meet Pinball and tell him how much the scholarship changed my life."

Thank you for your generosity and contribution. Together, we will impact

more youth like Melanie.

Image by Jess Bailey
Image by Tim Mossholder
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