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"Run, Pinball, Run!" - Mississauga Marathon 2018

On Sunday, May 6th, 2018 the Pinball Clemons Foundation along with an amazing and passionate group of youth from various programs that we support participated in the 2018 Mississauga Marathon. Our team included Pinball Clemons Staff as well as youth from Y.A.A.A.C.E and One Voice, One Team.

It has recently been announced by Landmark Sport Group Inc., organizer of the Mississauga Marathon that this year’s event set records for both the number of charity partners involved with the Scotiabank Charity Challenge and for total dollars raised. An incredible total of $290,581.86 was raised for 31 various charity partners. Furthermore, since the marathons inception in 2012, a total of $1,000,000 has been raised for both local and national charity partners.

Our group alone had about 200 runners which included a collection of youth, staff, volunteers and parents from each organization. This group was able to raise a total of $18,000! It was an impactful, fun and rewarding day with all our charity partners. The Mississauga Marathon was a memorable experience for everyone involved and we look forward to running again in 2019.

“Thank you, Pinball Clemons Foundation, for being an important part of our story. This was an amazing experience for all. We really appreciate everything you do. Mississauga Marathon was a blast”, said Marina Nguyen, Administrator at Y.A.A.A.C.E.

“Thank you, Pinball Foundation for allowing us to participate in this fun and memorable activity”, said Orlando Bowen, Executive Director at One Voice, One Team.

To read the official press release from the 2018 Mississauga Marathon click the link below.

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