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Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

The Pinball Clemons Foundation is honoured to commemorate National Indigenous Peoples Day and share with you the great work we are supporting to help advance the equity and equality as Canadians.

We are excited to share an expanded partnership with One Voice One Team (OVOT), and join us in celebrating the new addition to their team - Roy Pogorzelski. Roy is Métis/Cree from Northern Saskatchewan and we will be raising funds to support their mission to mentor youth and educators across Canada.

"It is a privilege, pleasure and a sincere honour to join the OVOT family. As a Métis citizen in Canada, I have been inspired by OVOT’s passion and commitment towards working with youth across the country to instill leadership skills, bring out their abilities and to have an open mind and open heart. The work towards educating leaders in the educational system through dialogue, conversation and sharing of the impacts of bullying and racism is necessary and needed. Being innovative through collaborative methods will allow us to work towards the elimination of racism and put an end to bullying and harassment in our schools/communities. Further, these conversations will bring the assets of every child out in the spirit of equity, diversity and inclusion and inspire a next generation that will work tirelessly to dismantle community, systemic and institutionalized racism/hate."

The legacy of residential schools in the present affects many communities through Intergenerational trauma and this trauma continues to occur with recent discoveries of unmarked or mass graves across Canada. It is time to act, to ensure that the majority of Canadians own this as a tragic part of Canada’s true history and that our educational systems teach the truthful history of our country. We have to do our part.”

- Roy Pogorzelski

"We have a responsibility to do ALL WE CAN with ALL WE HAVE to move the needle towards eliminating systemic racism and challenge systems of oppression. We are so excited to officially welcome Roy Pogorzelski into the OVOT family. The reality is, we’ve long been connected by the work we do, the passion we do it with and the purpose behind it all. If ever there were a time to come together as a community, it is now. Collectively, we can move the needle of possibility by the way we show up in moments like this. There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’, there’s only ‘us’. We are committed to serving in ways that honour the humanity in others. This is more than a vocation, this is how we have chosen to live. We journey together. One Voice, One Team."

- Orlando Bowen, Founder of One Voice One Team

This work will impact 40,000 youth and educators over the next 18 months!


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