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Christmas Comes Early For The Residents Of Youth Without Shelter – Chicago Title Insurance

Chicago Title Insurance donates $10,000 to sponsor the Adopt the Shelter program for the December holidays in 2021.

Holidays are a difficult milestone to celebrate when a youth is homeless. Over the December holidays, the Foundations “adopts” the shelter program, in hopes of giving those youth something to celebrate. Thanks to Chicago Title Insurance we will be able to provide the youth with a holiday party, dinner, gifts and winter essentials.

"The two things that foster independence are education and employment. The goal is to make marginalized youths independent and thrive in the community." - Pinball Clemons

The Pinball Clemons Foundation supports a local youth homeless shelter that provides a safe refuge for youth ages 16 to 24 who - often through circumstances beyond their control - have found themselves without a home to call their own. Many are homeless before the age of 16, and some are victims of abuse or abandonment, or simply have no family at all. The daily budget at the shelter for 3 meals and 2 snacks per youth per day is $5. The shelter relies on donations to supplement the cost of food.

For over 70 years, Chicago Title has proudly provided security for Canada’s real estate transactions. We understand the true value of your clients’ properties, that they represent more than just numbers on a statement. That’s why our experts know the ins and outs of even the most localized legislation across Canada. When it comes to your clients’ peace of mind, no detail is too small to overlook. From offering better value than anywhere else, and unmatched customer care, we will safeguard the real estate industry, one property at a time.

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