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Creating Meaningful Work Experiences - Thank You Moneris

Thank you Moneris for supporting our youth by providing funding for our Education Fund, as well as providing placement and full time employment opportunities for our youth.

The Foundation is working to change the narrative of marginalized and racialized youth by allowing them to focus on their academics and successfully transition into their careers without the burden of student debt. This investment directly correlates to their future success as independent adults.

Click here learn more about the Education Fund.

"We are very pleased to able to be support the Pinball Clemons Foundation by providing students like Latrell with meaningful work experiences aligned with their future career interests." - Sim Ozel, Senior HR Talent Acquisition at Moneris.

Latrell (pictured above) is studying Business Economics at York University and is expected to graduate in 2023. Latrell completed his placement at Moneris over the summer!

"My time at Moneris was invaluable in developing my understanding of corporate environment and also in forming connections that will help expand my future career prospects."

Please consider supporting our Education Fund and together, we can impact more students like Latrell.


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