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Introducing Pinball's Pizza & Popper Special

On July 13th, the Pinball Clemons Foundation and Pizzaville launched a brand-new campaign to help save the Y.A.A.A.C.E Summer Institute.

In hopes of saving the program, Pizzaville launched “Pinball’s Pizza & Popper Special”. They have generously decided that $1 for every special sold will be donated to the Pinball Clemons Foundation in support of the YAAACE summer institute, until August 3rd.

The Summer Institute has become a staple amongst the Jane and Finch community. The programs outcomes are truly immeasurable, and it is a lifeline for a lot of families. Due to COVID-19 and a lack government support and private funding, The Summer Institute is in jeopardy of having to shut down for the summer.

Thank you Pizzaville for putting the lives of youth in your community first!

Click Here to learn more about the Y.A.A.A.C.E Summer Institute

Click Here to order Pinball’s Pizza & Popper Special


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