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Mentorship Session Diaries: Don't Stop Believing

Written By: Paul VanderGriendt, Event Management Coordinator

Mentorship Session Diary. Entry 04 (February 5th)

The power of “team” can be incredible. What we can accomplish together, goes beyond what we would ever be able to do alone. Psychological safety is something that great teams always have. It means being comfortable with the people around you. Being able to share, trust, be understanding and support one another is how we make everyone around us stronger. Building these kinds of strong relationships takes time. We need to remember that vulnerability comes from strength, and sharing your authentic self needs to be thought as of a blessing, not a burden.

Some of the challenges of working in a team come from not having a willingness to be vulnerable and authentic. This is something we need to do to challenge ourselves. Sometimes being comfortable sharing ourselves with others, comes from being comfortable with ourselves first. In school, we learn lessons and then have tests. Often in life, the tests come first and then the lessons. Every one of us is constantly learning and constantly growing. Putting ourselves out there can bring fear, anxiety and doubt. Facing barriers can sometimes feel like quicksand. The more we struggle, the deeper we sink. Being able to trust, work together and reach out to each other is how we can unlock the power of “team.”


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