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Mentorship Session Diaries: Right on Time

Written By: Paul VanderGriendt, Event Management Coordinator Mentorship Session Diary. Entry 23

How we do anything is how we will do everything. Getting ourselves into a routine can help us maintain consistency in our daily lives. When we establish routines for ourselves, it can help us accomplish simple things easily and let us focus on our bigger challenges and goals. We can often fall into patterns and develop habits, whether they are good or bad. Being aware of this will allow us to decide which of our tendencies benefit us and which can hold us back.

Different successful people have different routines. What’s important is to find what works for each of us. Sometimes just setting up a daily pattern to start our day can get us off on the right foot. Scheduling things and following through on commitments is a great way to stay focused and optimize our energy. As we practice repetition and develop patterns that have a positive impact on a daily basis, we set ourselves up to push forward and achieve your goals. Thinking about what we want to achieve and basing our decisions and routines around that will help us succeed.

Nothing ever happens all at once, so we should always start with small steps and then be prepared to build on that. As we grow and learn about ourselves, we should be developing habits that we know help us overcome challenges and move forward. Once we set a routine and are able to maintain our effort and consistency, it’s important to continue to improve our routine and develop the mindset to always strive to get better.


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