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Mentorship Session Diaries: Sunny Duet

Written By: Paul VanderGriendt, Event Management Coordinator

Mentorship Session Diary. Entry 02 (January 22nd)

How are you feeling… and why? We need to check in with ourselves, as it is for us to check in with the others. Being honest with yourself and with others is how we create accountability. We all need help sometimes, and we need someone we can rely on. Creating accountability with others is how we can build an environment where everyone feels like someone has their back and feels like they are not alone.

It always seems like offering help and providing help is easier than asking for help. Sometimes it takes courage and vulnerability to reach out. We all need help, yet there is a mistaken perception that asking for help reflects weakness. Not just working on being helpful and kind, but working on how we receive help and kindness is essential in being accountable to ourselves. Sometimes, you never know if you will receive help unless you ask. Being honest, vulnerable, helpful and kind is how we can build strong connections and strong communities.


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