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Mentorship Session Diaries: Take Off the Heavy Load

Written By: Paul VanderGriendt, Event Management Coordinator Mentorship Session Diary. Entry 19

What are you working on this summer? What is it that you want to achieve? We can do ourselves a favour by thinking ahead and being strategic about our objectives. Finding ways to keep ourselves at peace can help us maintain focus and positivity when it comes to working towards getting where we want to be. We cannot always avoid negativity, but we can find ways to process negativity and difficult situations in a productive way. Making mistakes and overcoming barriers can be tough. When we use those experiences as a learning tool, we can fuel our motivation to be better and achieve great things in the future.

Part of being at peace is knowing who we are and in turn, being able to share our authentic selves with the world. When we are confident and content in ourselves, but open to learning and building on our journey, it becomes easy to connect, relate and create genuine relationships. When we are trying to make new connections, we should always remember that if you want to be interesting to another person, then be interested in that person. It is important to asks the right questions and build relationships that foster positivity between everyone involved. Connecting with new people and being willing to engage in unfamiliar situations is a great way to unlock new opportunities.

We should always be ready to capitalize on new opportunities and take value from any situation we find ourselves in. Sometimes we need other people to help provide perspective and allow us to see things from a different angle. We should push ourselves to think about the big picture. Be present in our current relationships, challenges and achievements, and use that experience to drive us towards the future we envision for ourselves.


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