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Mentorship Session Diaries: Welcome Back

Written By: Paul VanderGriendt, Event Management Coordinator

Mentorship Session Diary. Entry 12

A new year is a chance for a fresh start. It is a chance to look forward to new things and exciting experiences. But it’s also a chance to reflect and move on from what’s holding us back. Becoming a better person may mean breaking bad habits or stopping ourselves from making excuses. Overextending ourselves can lead to fatigue and losing motivation for the things we want to accomplish. We always need to take time to take care of ourselves. Being selfish about our own well-being can be called self-full, since we always need to take care of ourselves before we can serve others.

We can also use a new year to figure out what is most important for us and focus on working towards our goals. Finding clarity in where we want to go and taking meaningful steps in the right direction is imperative. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to learn every day and expand our minds as we continue along our journey towards achieving what we desire the most. We should never fall into the trap of telling ourselves “No” or “I can’t.” Facing challenges with confidence and determination will force us to grow stronger. We all need to think big, aim high and chase our dreams.


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