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Pinball Clemons Foundation Grants a Christmas Wish

The premise behind Christmas Wish is simple: community members nominate people who go above and beyond in their contributions to the community at large, but whose efforts often go unnoticed or unrecognized.

Over the holidays, Christmas Wish teamed up with the Pinball Clemons Foundation and were able to recognize an employee at Youth Without Shelter in Etobicoke. Yesica Gil was flown to Niagara via Fly GTA, where she was recognized for her resilience, passion, and her work with at-risk youth.

The day started off with a special surprise from the Christmas Wish team, the YWS staff and our team at the Foundation. She was picked up by a limo and flown to Niagara Falls via helicopter. Yesica did not find out what was happening until a big reveal at dinner, held at Lock Street Brewing.

Yesica has been an integral part of our Mainstream Bursary Program and the success of the students from YWS is directly attributed to her hard work and passion.

Check out the video below for a recap of this magical Christmas moment.


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