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Recipeint of the Pastor Rob Meikle Black Legends Bursary: JEREMIAH




Tyndale university

Field of Study/ Major

BA social work

Please share what the Bursary program has meant for you so far in your post-secondary journey (mentorship, financial aid, career assistance)

This bursary has given me the opportunity to do something with my life and not have to worry about any fees after my post secondary journey. It’s helped me get back some time I would have lost trying to pay off school by working soo much. Super grateful for this blessing.

⁠Any comments you would like to share about being matched with the Black Legend that your September 2023 Bursary was named after.

I am so grateful to Black Legend Pastor Rob Meikle and the Pinball Clemons Foundation for all the help they have given me. They really took away from a lot of mental stress for a lot of things. I will use this blessing and create many blessings for the people around me whenever the opportunity presents itself.

2023 Academic/Personal Highlight

Above 80 in psychology


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