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The PCF Family Adds A New Member

Please join us in welcoming Kevin Mathiasz to the #PCF family, as our new Director of Development

Kevin is a fundraising and sales expert with over 10 years of experience. Having traveled and worked in a vast amount of counties, Kevin is a firm believer in filling your life with adventures, not things and having stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Having been born in Paris and having parents of both Irish and Sri Lankan origin, Kevin has always been exposed to many different cultures and has lived in many different countries all over the world.

Kevin learned at an incredibly early age that he had a love for connecting with different types of people and building relationships on all corners of the globe. After having spent 5 years studying/working in different countries such as Argentina, Italy, USA, Chile and France, Kevin joined the Kepak Food Group (the second largest Food Processor in the UK). During his 4-year tenure, Kevin led the full Category Management and oversaw an International Portfolio of $50MM. In addition to completing his M.B.A during this time, Kevin successfully increased revenues with the largest Partners in the Europe such as McDonalds and Metro Superstores (32% and 47% respectively).

Following this, Kevin embarked on his next challenge whereby he transferred to Toronto to take over the leadership of a Software company named Initiafy (SaaS) in 2015. As the very first employee in North America, his principal objective was to establish/launch a new market and in just under 3 years, Kevin led the business to exponential growth of more than 51%.

Similarly, Kevin had recently transitioned into the Head of Sales/Fundraising whereby the Development team is currently operating at 114% above target. During his most recent stint, Kevin has personally developed C-suite relationships with many blue-chip companies and closed numerous large partnerships such as Marriot Hotel Group (2.1m USD).

On behalf of the PCF TEAM and the Board it is with much excitement and pride that we welcome Kevin Mathiasz into our midst.


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