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Working to Combat Against Violence and Improve Safety in Schools

The federal government has set aside $24 million to help reduce the risk of violence in schools and to promote the safety of students and we have partnered with One Voice One Team to be a part of this initiative. We have been awarded two years of funding to provide programming for youth who are feeling disconnected as the pandemic took a toll on their sense of value, purpose and belonging.

Click to learn more about the steps the Ontario Government is taking to help combat against violence and insure safety on Ontario Schools. Youth engaged in this two-year partnered project will have a chance to be seen, heard and develop leadership skills that will not only increase their own self-confidence but it will allow them to give back to community. There is nothing like putting leadership skills to practice and seeing the impact of giving back to the community.

We know youth today need opportunities to discover their greatness while making a difference in the lives of someone else in need. It is this very type of programming and community service opportunity that assists youth in realizing their full potential. Many students have ‘aha’ moments during our programming and service model and go on to confidently choose what they want to study in post-secondary and/or choose as a career path that connects to who they are authentically. Our partnership with One Voice One Team makes room for youth to grow, learn and give back. They develop the spirit of UBUNTU organically, where they are able to connect to the humanity in others as well as themselves. Barriers are broken and unity is built. Our organizations know there is a lot of work to do and we are honoured to do our part.


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