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About The Pinball Machine

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Bringing Youth From Margins To Mainstream

Much like a ball in a pinball machine, marginalized youth can feel like they’re bounced around with no real sense of order or structure. PCF helps provide that stability to every aspect of their life, to help give marginalized youth the direction they so desperately need.

“We want to give young people the resources to control their lives, revel in independence, and change the trajectory of their families for generations.” 

- Michael "Pinball" Clemons
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Our Strategy

Investing In Our Youth's Future

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Mentorship Fund

The Pinball Clemons Foundation works with Community Partners to identify the most marginalized youth in our communities and provide mentorship and exclusive opportunities as they pursue their post-secondary education.

Education Fund

Research shows that literacy is the cornerstone of academic success and an important social indicator for future employability. We want to improve literacy in communities where families face multiple barriers. The Foundation is working to change the narrative of marginalized and racialized youth by allowing them to focus on their academics and successfully transition into their careers without the burden of student debt. This investment directly correlates to their future success as independent adults.

Youth Development Fund

"The program has been an excellent resource not only to express myself but it’s been a way to build on skills necessary to navigate a constantly changing world!"

Mainstream Bursary Student

We recognize that supporting youth at an early age is important for their development, and youth are less likely to need interventional support as they grow. We have partnered with several organizations with deep ties to community to help grow strong future leaders as they transition from high school to career.


Our Supporters


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