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On September 16th 2023, Michael, Jonathan, Vincent, Cory, and Duncan will embark on the 8th Annual 24 Hour Walk for the Pinball Clemons Foundation's

Youth Development Fund.

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24 Hour Walk

Saturday, September 16th, 2023

In its 8th year, we are walking in support of the Pinball Clemons Foundation's Youth Development Fund.

Supporting youth at an early age is important for their development, and youth are less likely to need interventional support as they grow. PCF has partnered with several organizations with deep ties to the community to help grow strong future leaders as they transition from

high school to career.

Who We Support

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It is our vision to empower youth through education by bringing them from the margins to the mainstream.

The Pinball Clemons Foundation provides marginalized youth with educational resources and options to integrate into the mainstream of society. We want to ensure all youth are graduating from high school ready for post-secondary education

Meet The Walkers


Michael Lombardi

Vincent Ciuro.jpg

Vincent Ciuro

Cory (with dog).jpeg

Cory Anderson

Duncan Hiking.jpg

Duncan Leung

Cropped - White - Jon v2.jpg

Jonathan Emmanuel

Meet The Walkers
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