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On September 18th 2021, Peter, Sean, Michael L. and Michael W. will embark on the 6th Annual 24 Hour Walk for the Pinball Clemons Foundation's Mentorship Fund.


24 Hour Walk

Saturday, September 18th, 2021

In it's 6th year, we are walking in support of the Pinball Clemons Foundation's Mentorship Fund.

This fund supports the most marginalized youth in our communities and provides mentorship and exclusive opportunities as they pursue their post-secondary education. 

Near and dear to the heart of the participants of this year's walk is mentorship that helps develop life skills and supports the financial literacy and mental health of today's youth. Growing up, each participant has been the beneficiary of amazing mentorship, and is excited for the opportunity to help support in some small way.

Who We Support

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Change The Narrative


It is our vision to empower youth through education by bringing them from the margins to the mainstream. One

The Pinball Clemons Foundation provides marginalized youth with educational resources and options to integrate into the mainstream of society. We want to ensure all youth are graduating from high school ready for post-secondary education

Meet The Walkers

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Michael Lombardi

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Michael Whynot

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Peter Del Mastro

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Sean Robinson


Thank you for your generosity and contribution.

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