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#AveryGivesBack - Buy a binder that gives back and helps someone!

When children are asked on the first day of Grade 1 what they want to be when they grow up, no career should be unattainable. Inside each child is a doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer or a rocket scientist. All youth possess the potential to succeed in life.

The question that educators and mentors must ask themselves is, what are you doing to unlock student potential in the classroom?

There are many amazing and dedicated teachers doing everything they can to challenge our youth academically. Unfortunately, a lot of youth are faced with unwarranted and unimaginable challenges. For our youth, specifically those students in under-resourced and under-served neighbourhoods, they face troubling situations every day such as gang violence and poverty, which most kids won’t ever experience during their childhood.

Due to those factors these students tend to lose focus academically and will often place limits on what they can achieve for themselves in the classroom.

Over the years we have supported a variety of different programs that help unlock student potential in under-resourced communities. It is important for organizations to work together to address what matters most to the community.

Most recently, the Pinball Clemons Foundation and Avery have teamed up with Hannah Alper, a philanthropist and young change-maker, Staples Canada, and various school boards across Canada. Education is a valuable resource and an essential instrument to help change the world around us for the better. Avery wants to ensure that kids in need are provided with the right tools to stay organized and be ready for the school year- making the learning process fun, colourful and organized.

Avery has put together a program that for every binder purchased at a Staples store, they will donate a binder to a Canadian student in need. The goal is to donate up to 50,000 binders and ensure that kids across Canada get the help they need to be prepared for the school year.

This year they want the country to ‘Share the Love’, feel ‘Super Generous’ and make them say ‘Oh La La’. If you’re planning on buying a binder anyway this school year, why not buy a binder that gives back and helps someone. To learn more about this great program go to today!!

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