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A Fireside Chat with Anthony Longo

On November 25th, 2021, an intimate group of students from Mainstream Bursary program was joined by Anthony Longo - President and CEO at Longo's for a Fireside Chat. A common thread for this Fireside Chat was the "Importance of Family".

These meetings provide an exclusive opportunity for youth to meet a wide variety of industry leaders, hear about their life and career experiences, and ask them ANYTHING, all in a small group setting.

Anthony provided amazing and insightful advice to the students and future leaders about understanding your value and not taking no for an answer. The sharing of his personal experience provided context and motivation for the students in attendance. In addition, it was a great opportunity to connect with a distinguished CEO like Anthony Longo, a person our youth wouldn't normally have direct access to.

Anthony also highlighted the importance of family. He stressed the value of treating his employees like family and hiring new people who hold similar family values to his own. Anthony was blown away with the honesty and determination demonstrated by the Mainstream Bursary youth and can't wait to see the trajectory of these young professionals.

To learn more about the youth we support, please explore the link below.


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