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A Kind and Welcoming Place, Which I Called Home

I went from living a normal, middle class life to below the poverty line in a matter of months. My parents split and soon due to mental health reasons I moved in with my mother. We’ve been evicted, forced to live out of a motel, went without hydro for nearly year, and spent time in a cold, damp cellar for lack of any affordable option. We had many nights where would go to bed hungry because we just could not afford to keep the fridge full. I had to part with my mother and stepfather when they made a bold to decision to move to Ottawa for a better change; and I in Grade 12, my final high school year.

I stayed with a friend briefly but the environment grew toxic for me and I found myself severely depressed and stranded with no other option. My social worker directed me to Youth Without Shelter Stay in School Program. I applied to the program and was welcomed in. For the 10 months I stayed there, I felt absolutely comfortable and safe; everyone was so kind and welcoming. With them I managed to graduate with honors. I have reconciled with family abut things are a lot different now. With the help fo YWS I was able to set money saving goals so I have money now. I learned how to prepare quick, cheap and simple meals. I’m now paying with my own and turning into a pretty efficient adult. Really without YWS, I’d be at an increable loss. Thank you. 


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