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Alumni Update: Rayshell Powell

Mainstream Bursary Program Graduate
Registered Nurse, Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing
Maintained an 80% average throughout her studies

Rayshell started her journey with us 4 years ago as a resident of Youth Without Shelter. Her biggest challenge was juggling full-time work and school, her personal life, and having to adjust to online learning during the pandemic.

Rayshell says her greatest benefit of joining the Mainstream Bursary Program was having the comfort and peace of mind knowing that she had people around her to support her. This gave her the reassurance needed through times of struggle, and made her feel more confident in achieving her goals.

“We have a lot of young people out there; we just need the right tools to navigate through this life. I am a living testimony that without the right tools and mentorship, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

According to Rayshell, the program had the right support system she needed to build the confidence to connect both professionally and personally.

Rayshell’s advice to future students: “Never look back, know your why, and just go for it. The PCF family are not people who just make promises; they deliver even after you’ve completed your program and will always have your back no matter what.”


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