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FUSE Create works with Pinball Clemons Foundation to help disadvantaged youth find opportunities.

PCF hopes to build awareness and donations through a new video that can help be

bring marginalized youth to the mainstream.

March 7th , 2022 – Toronto, ON – FUSE Create works with the Pinball Clemons Foundation (PCF) to create a powerful new hero video that showcases what the Foundation does and how donor money is used to help disadvantaged kids. Their overall goal of the Foundation is to bring youth from the ‘margins into the mainstream’ through mentorship that allows youth to thrive into adulthood.

The video aims to illustrate the twists and turns marginalized youth face and how donations can help make a difference. Much like a pinball in a pinball machine, marginalized youth can feel like they’re bounced around with no real sense of order or structure. PCF helps provide that stability to every aspect of their life, to help give marginalized youth the direction they so desperately need.

"We needed to simplify the Pinball Clemons’ Foundation’s multifaceted approach" says Patrice Pollack, Creative Director at FUSE Create. "Through storytelling and the visual metaphor of a Pinball machine - yes, we went there - we were able to illustrate the complexity of the problem and the impact of the solution."

This project is a collaboration first between PCF and FUSE Create, with major contributions from Yellow Lab and TA2, helping to bring the animation and audio to life respectively.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I used a thousand words and I was still unable to paint this picture. Thank you for the genius of our competent collaborator, Fuse Create. You’ve brought our vision, our heart and our hope to life. To give young people the resources to control their lives, revel in independence, and change the trajectory of their families for generations.” says Michael "Pinball" Clemons, Co-Founder of the Pinball Clemons Foundation

For more information or for interview requests, please contact Vanessa Francone, Marketing & PR Manager at FUSE Create (

About FUSE Create

Based in Toronto, Canada, FUSE Create ( is a full-service independent creative agency that believes when you fuse smarts + imagination, whether in a campaign, a culture, a process, or a person, everything is possible. And that belief creates, invents, and permeates throughout the agency and the award-winning work, that aims to do one thing; Turn Heads. FUSE Create is the #3 Small Agency in Canada and a member of Worldwide Partners (, one of the world’s largest networks of independent advertising agencies.

About Pinball Clemons Foundation

The Pinball Clemons Foundation provides marginalized youth with educational resources and options to integrate into the mainstream of society. With the implementation of a customized mentorship program and financial support, we are removing the barriers that often hinder success. The ultimate goal is not a diploma or degree – we want to see youth successfully enter the workforce, gainfully employed in careers they desire. Learn more at


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