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Improving Ourselves to be Greater Than we Were the Day Before

Today is #BellLetsTalk Day! This mental health initiative has been happening since 2010 to spread mental health acceptance and awareness. Funds from Bell Let’s Talk Day support important mental health strategies on anti-stigma, care and access, research, and workplace leadership.

Read one of our students testimonials about Education and Mental health!

“Education has always been of fundamental importance for my family and me because we strongly believe in improving ourselves to be greater than we were the day before. This is especially true for me because I always want to gain more knowledge and learn how to proactively apply the lessons in my education journey to my life. With that in mind, I have struggled with maintaining a consistently healthy mental health state because of the challenges I faced in school.

Thankfully with the support of the Pinball Clemons Foundation and the foundation's supporters, I have been able to power through my post-secondary endeavors as a first-year student at university. Because I know that emotionally, mentally, physically and financially, I have a community of mentors from the PinBall Clemons Foundation who have my best interest at heart and truly want to see me thrive and succeed. Which I couldn't be happier to have.”

To support our youth, visit 💙

*The student's image was changed to protect the identity of our youth.


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