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Q&A: Get To Know Our Youth - Topaz

Student: Topaz Program: Law Clerk Program - George Brown College

Describe what your personal and academic journey was like prior to being involved in the Margins to Mainstream Bursary program?

I would say my academic journey was overwhelming which would pour out into my personal life because I would be agitated and end up not wanting to deal with anything. It made everything going on in my life just seem like it was too much to go through alone. I did it anyway because I didn’t really have a choice but most times it was hard to get myself back to the point of getting to business.

Reflect on your academic journey. Describe any challenges you may have had and how you overcame them?

There was a class I was not doing so well in and I needed a certain average of all my tests to pass the course. After I barely passed my second test, I decided to use the tutoring program my school offered for students. It ended up being beneficial because I got the grade I needed to get on my next test. It showed me it’s better to seek help as early as possible, when needed.

How has the Mainstream Bursary Program positively impacted you, both academically and personally? What would you want to public to know in regards to the impact this program has on you academically, mentally, emotionally, personally?

This program has not only helped me with completing my studies, but it has been a help with other aspects of my life in regards to my future. The amazing mentors at the Mainstream Bursary Program give their time to further help you become more equipped to have a smoother transition into life post graduation. I am more confident, not to mention more knowledgeable, about things “adult life” entails.

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