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Recipient of the Ray Williams Black Legends Bursary: LADEGA




Western University

Field of Study/ Major

Science/Medical Sciences

Please share what the Bursary program has meant for you so far in your post-secondary journey (mentorship, financial aid, career assistance)

The bursary program holds immense significance for me. The mentorship sessions provide me with invaluable insight into my daily life. Applying the knowledge gained from these sessions has imbued me with an increase in determination and self-confidence. I wholeheartedly believe that through my active participation in the mentorship sessions, I'll gradually become the person I have always aspired to be.

⁠Any comments you would like to share about being matched with the Black Legend that your September 2023 Bursary was named after (please refer to certificate for Black Legend name, and details can be found at

I'm profoundly grateful to have been matched with someone who has made such a significant impact on the world. I've long held aspirations of contributing to the positive development of society. Thus, receiving a bursary from Ray Williams is a tremendous honor. Influential figures like him serve as an inspiration for individuals seeking to achieve their ambitions. For this reason, I express my heartfelt gratitude to him for his role in providing me with the opportunity to actively pursue my academic aspirations.

2023 Academic/Personal Highlight

The highlight of my fall semester has been the improvement of various aspects of my life. Amidst my transition into adulthood and greater independence, I've developed greater capabilities in the face of challenges. Concurrently, my mindset has been positively transformed. Regardless of circumstances, I consciously strive to find a solution, persevere, and overcome. The past academic year has been such a pivotal point in my life. It has fortified my stability and resilience. Now, more than ever, I am driven towards self-improvement, inching closer to becoming the best version of myself.

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