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Samuel Excels with New Laptop

"I have just attended a Deloitte mentorship zoom (Power of Mentoring with Deloitte | Impact Day 2022) event using my new laptop and have gotten good feedback and insight from fellow Deloitte employees, managers and HR managers who were all present at the event. I was able to succeed with the laptop provided. Although I do have a computer, it is situated in the middle of the bedroom with bad camera placement and is not always suitable for business or professional setting. Thank you very much for the assistance you have given me. I have been given a wonderful opportunity to present myself at my best. It is very much appreciated."

Our foundation supports youth who identify with a financial need, lacking the resources to succeed academically. 💙💻📚

To help us create more success stories, please donate to one of our funds (Education, Mentorship, and Youth Development), visit 💙

*The student's name and image were changed to protect the identity of our youth*


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