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You could say I'm thriving!

“There was a point when my life was thrown into chaos. Since I had no way of paying rent and no job, I was trying to decide whether to continue with school or drop out and get a full-time job. And that’s when I went to the Stay in School Program. They could see my plan, gave me advice and supported me with what I wanted to do. Not only did I successfully finish two years of nursing out of the four-year degree program but they’ve also helped me with coping skills and taught me how to have healthy relationships.

Staff counselled me through regular life drama, stressful school breakdowns and helped me manage my anxiety. The Stay in School Program has not only clothed, sheltered and fed me but has led to holistic healing to help me be a productive member of society. As an aspiring nurse I’d like to make the comparison of the Stay in School Program being like a hospital and all the workers there being like the neonatal nurse I aspire to be. For all the people who have contributed to this program or have worked in this program I am forever grateful. Your contributions have made it possible for the vulnerable population of homeless youth, who are at a statistically terrible disadvantage to thrive!”


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