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Recipient of the Tracy Moore Black Legends Bursary: ANTONICA




York University

Field of Study/ Major


Please share what the Bursary program has meant for you so far in your post-secondary journey (mentorship, financial aid, career assistance)

The PCF bursary program has given me a chance to receive education, when everything else shut me down due to my precarious status, the program gave me an opportunity plus more, with a space I can grow as a person and develop my career goals.

⁠Any comments you would like to share about being matched with the Black Legend that your September 2023 Bursary was named after

I am glad to be matched with Tracy Moore, a black legend who is an advocate for change, I am inspired by her use of her voice in mainstream platforms to create change.

2023 Academic/Personal Highlight

In 2023, I realized that one of the most liberating thing is when you learn that you can do things in a way that works for you and you don’t have to put yourself in a box and follow what everyone else is doing.

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