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What Makes Us Different

Youth that struggle with challenges carry them into their adult life. Our support with youth is still ongoing through their career journey, as challenges do not stop after post-secondary.


Our goal is to stay in contact with the youth until they are stable. Youth that transition to their career are encouraged to stay in the program as an Alumni to receive continued support and help guide their peers to success.

Meet The Mentors


Orlando Bowen


Kevin Lawler


Sherri Sanjurjo


Jermaine Frazer

The Pinball Clemons Foundation provides marginalized youth with educational resources and options to integrate into the mainstream of society. 


With the implementation of a customized mentorship program and financial support, we are removing the barriers that often hinder success. The ultimate goal is not a diploma or degree – we want to see youth successfully enter the workforce, gainfully employed in careers they desire.


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There are incredible local programs that provide a wrap-around approach to the most marginalized youth with a goal of graduating from high school. But history has shown that a high school diploma does not equate to a career.


More often than not, at best, it can help obtain a job. Without accessibility and resources this demographic of youth can become invisible to most. Youth in under-served communities struggle to get to college or university as they do not have the monetary resources or family support.


By removing the barriers every step of the way - our strategic funding of these programs will set them up for success. 

Wall Of Success


The amazing mentors at the Mainstream Bursary Program give their time to further help you become more equipped to have a smoother transition into life post graduation."


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The Mentorship Sessions have had the biggest impact on me. Having access to the mentors all year round and knowing they are willing to help is a huge resource.


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I finally found something I'm good at and I'm going to spend the rest of my university career to make y'all and myself proud. 


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During this mentorship session, I am provided with a safe space where I can voice any concerns and where there is a team that provides tangible support for each youth to attain their goal


Young Female Student

I love that the Mainstream Bursary Mentorship sessions is hands on, regardless of ones location. The inclusivity is felt all the way from Windsor."


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PCF has completely changed my thoughts, processes, and life. I have learned to prioritize my needs over my wants in a more effective way.


Session Gallery

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